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 ”” shop, M. Proletarskaya – address, telephone, location map

 “” shop, M. Annino – address, telephone, location map


“” shop, M. Proletarskaya

Address: M. Proletarskaya, Volgogradsky prospect, 14

GPS: N 55.7294 E 37.6752

Open: Daily 10 – 21

Tel. +7-495-665-20-71

It takes 5 minutes to walk from metro station “Proletarskaya” to the shop:

  1. After you get off the metro train, walk in the direction of Volgogradsky prospect. Walk through the first glass door and turn to the left, then walk through another glass door and turn to the right. Follow the sign “Exit to the city”.  Now you are outside.
  2. You will find the carriageway (i.e. Volgogradsky prospect) on the left. Keep walking along for about 570 m until you see the grocery store “Dixi” (ДИКСИ) that comes after you’ve passed by the shop «СВЯЗНОЙ». Turn to the right and walk 30 m.
  3. On the right you will see your destination point - a nine-storey white residential building. The exit to the shop is from the side of Big Simonovsky Lane (Bolshoi Simonovsky pereulok). Go downstairs  -  here you are!


“” shop, M. Annino

Address: M. Annino, Warsaw Highway, 170 G Gate 15

GPS: N 55.3447 E 37.3528

Open: Daily 9 – 20

Tel. +7-495-665-22-71

It takes five minutes to walk from metro station “Annino” to the shop.

  1. After you get off the metro train, move in the direction of Warsaw Highway (Varshavskoye Sh.). Walk through the glass door. Now you are outside. Cross the carriageway (motorway) and keep walking 100 m (it is a one-way traffic).
  2. You reach the sign “Moscow Drug Use Addiction Research Center” (you’ve just passed by the shop “Valenki”) and turn to the right: keep walking along the motorway (about 120 m) until you see “Olimp” car dealer (Autosalon) located to the left. Cross the way.
  3. You enter the area of “Warsaw Technical Center” (TEKH TSENTR VARSHAVSKY), walk through the control point (free passage) and turn to the right. Walk 200 m along the building located to the left until you reach your destination – gate 15.



TRN (Tax Registration Number) 7723715116

KPP 772401001

PSRN (Primary State Registration Number) 1097746258741

OKVED (=ARCEA, All-Russian Classifier of Economic Activities) 52.42

OKPO 61658239

BIC 044525219

Checking account 40702810101060000453 in OJSC “Bank of Moscow”, Moscow

Correspondent account 30101810500000000219

Registered address: 64, Shipilovskaya Str., bld. 1, office 147 Moscow, Russian Federation, 115682

De facto address: 170 Г, Warsaw Highway (Varshavskoye Sh.), Room IIд, Moscow, Russian Federation, 117405

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