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How to check the product availability?

There are two categories of goods and products in “”: differing in size and having no size.

  1. The availability status of products having no size parameter is specified in the product card.

The screenshot of the product site. Product availability status is marked in red.

If the availability status in the product card says “In stock”, “Left two”, “Left one” or “Last ones”, it means the product is available for making an order. If the status says: “Unavailable”, it means that you cannot buy the product.

  1. The availability status of goods having size is specified in “SIZE” box. To check the availability status of the product you are interested in, please open the product page and click on “SIZE” box. The list will appear and show all available sizes of the product, and in front of each size you will see the availability status.

You can order or buy the size of products only with the availability status “A LOT OF” or “FEW”.

The screenshot of the site of the product having a size parameter.  One can see the list that appears.