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About the Company

“” is a trade company that offers clothing, equipment, ammunition and accessories for hunters, fishermen, outdoor lovers, and survivalists.

The company comprises one online shop, two offline stores located in Moscow, and a tailoring workshop. In our catalogue you can find items of clothing and equipment of Russian and foreign brands as well as “” brand products.

Вы можете заказать курьерскую доставку или забрать выбранный товар самовывозом.

Making an order ready to be posted

«Камуфляж ру» — это не только интернет-магазин, но и три торговых точки, работающих в оффлайне.

In one of “” offline shops

“” brand products are first of all represented by camo clothes for hunters, fishermen, survivalists, airsoft players and outdoor recreation enthusiasts. The tailoring workshop manufactures professional equipment – tactical vests, backpacks, military uniforms etc.

What is special about “” products?  - All items go through field-testing which makes us feel proud of the quality we offer.

В нашем каталоге представлена камуфляж собственного производства, а также снаряжение известных мировых брендов.

All clothes and equipment go through field-testing

Target group

Our customers are hunters, fishermen, military sportsmen, survivalists as well as security forces employees, military men, in other words people with the dynamic lifestyle.

And we try hard to provide them with high-quality clothing and equipment.

Products and Manufacture – “first-hand” Information

 Sergey Aleksandrov, the Director-General of “” company, answering customer questions:

- What’s the target group?

- Our customers are hunters, airsoft and paintball players – people who like active life. Their main priority is not the price but good quality and functionality of the product which they are willingly paying for.

В «Камуфляж ру» представлен большой выбор специализированной одежды для силовиков, сурвайверов, пейтболистов и просто любителей активного отдыха.

A field tactical suit

- What are your business principles?

- The so-called “ footpath” principle: first discover a footpath, then pave it. It means that we keep us updated on customer feedback during a year, and by following season we release updates based on the reviews and comments of our buyers.  


- What differs “” products from your competitors’ ones?

-We do pay close attention to the opinions of our customers, taking into consideration every single detail and nuance. This results in functionality and durability of “” brand products.

Производственное помещение, в котором выполняется пошив камуфлированной одежды и снаряжения.

Our company comprises both shops and manufacture

Именно так шьется камуфлированная одежда и снаряжение в компании «Камуфляж ру».

One of the tailors in the manufacturing workshop



TRN (Tax Registration Number) 7723715116

KPP 772401001

PSRN (Primary State Registration Number) 1097746258741

OKVED (=ARCEA, All-Russian Classifier of Economic Activities) 52.42

OKPO 61658239

BIC 044525219

Checking account 40702810101060000453 in OJSC “Bank of Moscow”, Moscow

Correspondent account 30101810500000000219

Registered address: 64, Shipilovskaya Str., bld. 1, office 147 Moscow, Russian Federation, 115682

De facto address: 170 Г, Warsaw Highway (Varshavskoye Sh.), Room IIд, Moscow, Russian Federation, 117405



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    Здравствуйте, Иван. Нам важна авторитетная поддержка! Спасибо за доверие! С уважением, Камуфляж ру" Ответить
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