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Buying summer footwear

Specificity of summer weather is forcing designers of summer tactical footwear to invent new models of sneakers, footwear for running, sandals and boots that prove to be highly comfortable to wear while intensive moving over rough terrain. Our store "" has selected the best models of summer footwear for playing airsoft, paintball, hardball or going hiking, fishing and hunting.

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Полуботинки мужские Гарсинг 704 Inspector, цвет - черный

Высота: 7.8 см


2 150 руб.
Boots Berkut m. 05118ts EMP

вес: 390 гр
высота: 19 см


2 340 руб.
Ботинки Fighter L м. 344

вес: 650 гр (р. 43)
высота: 21 см


2 350 руб.
Кеды тактические Гарсинг 05118 О Berkut New Oliva, цвет - Олива

Высота: 20 см


2 590 руб.

Summer tactical footwear for outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, military athletes

Footwear is the most important piece of clothing of hunters, tourists, fishermen, and participants of military tactical games. Traditionally exacting demands are placed on summer tactical footwear: as a rule, it must be capable of carrying big and heterogeneous workloads. Military footwear is created to securely protect feet. Summer ankle boots for travellers should withstand getting wet without affecting the wearer, exclude rubbing, and provide comfortable thermal conditions.

Aesthetic appeal and overall usability are important choice factors. Any costumer would eagerly buy tactical footwear of an appropriate style, with a good performance, which is suitable for the season and matches the colours of the area. Even though no special requirements are imposed on footwear camouflage properties, the majority of customers of online store "” tend to buy ankle boots whose colour coincides with the colour of the camouflage suit.

На фото ботинки «Hydra». Легкие, с высокоэффективной системой вентиляции, они относятся к обуви типа «из воды на сушу». Быстро сохнут на ходу.

You can get more advice on how to choose tactical summer footwear if you call at 8-800-775-52-83. The managers of "" will help you to choose footwear according to the size, type, and purpose. State your price preferences, and our gear and military clothing specialists will offer you several options for achieving your goal.

Tactical sneakers: to put on and forget

Dense and resilient sole, hard toe and heel, best eco friendly materials, linen and cotton – that's what tactical sneakers are. Neat and customized to fit tight the ankle, they are laced tightly, and from the very first minutes take the form of the leg, providing easy walking and comfortable rest in between active movements.

The best military footwear: boots and ankle boots

The accumulated experience of centuries of warfare states: light and comfortable ankle boots are the safest field footwear in summer.

Ankle boots are a type of footwear whose laced bootleg sides cover the leg above the ankle. This footwear design makes it possible to reduce the chance of injury in the moments of active movement over cross-country terrain.

На фото летние берцы «Wind» из кожи и ткани. Подошва ботинок сделана из формованной итальянской резины. Стальной супинатор, усиленные носок и задник.

Protecting your feet from sprains and strains, military ankle boots do not interfere with freedom of movement. Thick leather upper, solid inserts into the sole, in the toe and heel let you forget about the bumps of branches, pricks of thorns and sharp stones.

Modern consumer goods industry produces many varieties of military footwear that give consumers the opportunity to buy summer ankle boots which provide maximum comfort at any movement rate. The most advanced models of army footwear are quite expensive, but a detailed consultation of "” consultants will help you to make a correct choice and buy NATO military footwear in Moscow at a price that compares favourably with foreign prices.